Cloud based integration

Enabling your workflows through cloud based solutions is key. Using state of the art application and data integration we enable your workflows though the cloud and make 3D data available globally. This will result in higher flexibility, scalability, backup, high mobility and much more. Cloud based applications improve overall team collaboration and performance and generate a new and better user (customer!) experience.

Microsoft HoloLens

Mixed Reality by Microsoft HoloLens enables users to visualize and experience 3D data in an superior and natural way. Visualization of 3D modeling data in the real world combined with digital objects will improves model interpretation and understanding and improves overall quality. This innovative technology can be used in many different applications and workflows. Looking at 3D data and models has never been so fun and exciting and the business advantages are numerous. Together with our collaboration features in BaselineZ, sharing of information is so much easier and effective both co-located and especially when having remote collaboration sessions.

Tablets and mobiles

Augmented Reality is yet another big innovation that is being adopted word-wide. Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore are the key building blocks to enable 3D data and model visualization in AR on both tablets and mobile phones. Our ARGeology app enables you to visualize your own 3D Geological Models in your own environment, anytime and anywhere. This way of 3D visualization enables you to explore your 3D models in a way that you have never seen before! If you want to see your 3D model in AR, send us a request.

Windows Desktop

Still many application in the industry are Windows Desktop based. Using our BaselineZ integration control existing desktop applications can be connected to the cloud and our mobile client applications. A great example is our JewelSuite HoloLens Add-in to enable 3D geological model visualization on HoloLens and iPad. Are your already a JewelSuite user and do you want to see your models in Mixed Reality or AR, just contact us.

Custom solutions

Besides the various standard solutions and client applications, we can also assist in building custom 3D collaboration and visualization solutions based on our BaselineZ platform. We can cloud enable your 3D data and modeling workflows and build customized solutions. Contact us to explore the possibilities together!

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